Hotnews – The Best Source For News in Romania


Hotnews is the largest and oldest Romanian news site. It covers various topics ranging from finance to politics and current affairs. In addition to news and articles, Hotnews publishes opinion pieces, video documentaries, and interviews. To get up-to-date information, you should regularly visit the HotNews website. We’ve outlined some of the best sources for news in Romania. We recommend Hotnews for those who want to know about current affairs in Romania.

Sign up for the HotNews newsletter through your MY AUGI profile. You can customize the frequency of HotNews emails to receive them. Choose daily, weekly, or monthly delivery. You can also specify the language in which you’d like the emails to be sent. It’s free to sign up for HotNews and offers a wide variety of customization options. After you subscribe, you can receive the latest issue by checking your inbox.

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If you’re a Romanian citizen, you’ll definitely want to keep up with HotNews. This site covers national and international news and features articles, podcasts, video documentaries, and interviews. Moreover, it updates daily with new stories. The RSS feed is popular and attracts over two million visitors per month. In addition to its news content, HotNews has a daily newsletter and a video section. Whether you’re interested in Romanian politics or finance, HotNews has it all.