HotNews – Delivering SAP News to Your Inbox


HotNews is Romania’s largest and oldest news website, focusing on current affairs, politics, and finance. It publishes news, opinion pieces, interviews, and video documentaries. It also hosts news events. HotNews also offers news in English, Spanish, and German. It has a wide range of international correspondents.

The latest SAP news is delivered to your inbox with HotNews, a free online news service. The service features helpful filtering features and an RSS feed. You can subscribe to a specific product or topic to receive the latest news about that product. It’s a convenient way to keep abreast of industry developments. And because it’s updated continuously, you can tailor it to meet your needs.

HotNews is an essential source of information. It delivers timely news about SAP products, updates, and software components. HotNews also offers helpful filters to tailor content to your needs. You can customize your feed to include only the most important news, delay processing until a security vulnerability is fixed, and flag irrelevant news.

AUGI members can subscribe to HotNews through their profile on MY AUGI. You can select which topics you’d like to receive in HotNews and how often you’d like it delivered. Once subscribed, you’ll receive the latest edition of the newsletter every month, as well as articles, news, and special events. And if you’re a member of the Autodesk community, you can also subscribe to a list of Autodesk-related events.

HotNews is one of the largest news websites in Romania, with content covering politics, finance, and current affairs. The site is updated several times a day, and the content is updated in Romanian, English, and Russian. It has more than two million unique visitors per month and continues to grow. There is a dedicated Brexit section on HotNews.

HotNews is Romania’s oldest news site and is an excellent resource for current affairs, finance, and technology. It publishes news, interviews, videos, and opinion pieces. While the content is published in Romanian, it’s not geared towards a local audience. Subscribers can customize their news subscription and receive updates through email or RSS.