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Under the “hot-news” doctrine, news may not be copied without permission. A newspaper, website, or blog can copyright a story or opinion, but not the actual events depicted in the news article. This doctrine is often referred to as the “hot-news” doctrine and is designed to protect live events and news from being rendered obsolete. Because the copyright laws protect news, using it without permission is a violation of the copyright laws.

Another CNRP taskforce member, Mounh Sarath, has been named in a lawsuit. The CNRP member claims that only 70 people attended a meeting of the Youth and Social Affairs committee in June. Sovantha claims that the CNRP member is a “fake” and not an official representative. Despite the lawsuit, the CNRP taskforce is still in discussion. And Pacquiao is said to be in talks with McGregor for a 2018 fight.

A recent court case, National Basketball Association v. Motorola, Inc., a decision that addressed the scope of state-law “hot-news” misappropriation claims, has further clarified its scope. In its case, the Court determined that the INS exemption does not apply to the use of a hot-news-style content on websites. Regardless, the ruling is an important step forward in preserving copyright protection for the NBA.